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What Type of Trailer Hire Would Best Suit Your Needs?

Hiring a trailer is a low cost solution if you need to move large items quickly and safely, particularly long distance across Australia. Instead of more expensive van rentals, trailer hire is often cheaper and more flexible due to lower demand. Trailer hires often come in various different sizes to suit your capacity needs, as well as types of trailer depending on the equipment or material you are handling. So how best to tell which trailer type suits your hiring needs?

Enclosed trailers

Fully enclosed cargo trailers are towed to the back of your vehicle and ideal for heavy equipment such as construction tools, electronic equipment and musical instruments that need to be kept protected from the sun and rain. Small-enclosed trailers come in three different sizes, from 6 x 4 feet to 8 x 5 feet for those who are carrying longer loads. Large enclosed trailers can go up to 12 feet in length for those carrying construction tools as well as heights of 8 feet for heavy-duty machinery.



Car Carriers

Car carriers are open top trailers that are winched to another vehicle. Best for use of transporting cars and other small vehicles on long-distance trips, many hire car carriers for convoys and single deliveries across state lines. Meant to take extra weights, car carriers can also be used to transport large equipment that can be exposed to the weather. Due to their ubiquity, car carriers can be hired easily almost anywhere, and some renowned companies that serve deliveries across state lines have them available for pick-ups and drop-off in 40 locations.



Cage Trailers

Cage trailers’ open-top style and high cages means almost anything durable can be transported using this type of trailer. Because of this feature as well, cage trailers can be used to transport equipment for sports such as canoes, surfboards and motorboats for a day out by the beach or rappelling gear for climbing enthusiasts, as well gardening and construction tools for contractors. The open top can easily washed out later, and this makes perfect to transport farm animals and pets for deliveries or show at fairs. For its many uses, a cage trailer is available in three sizes, a big cage 12 by 6 feet, a medium cage at 8 x 5 feet and a small version measuring 6 x 4 feet.



Horse floats

For riding enthusiasts and farmer keen to show off their steeds at shows, a small twin horse floats are also available for hire, and are better suited for horses than the usual cage trailer. Horse floats’ enclosed set up protect horses from loud highway noises and are secure as well.



Whatever your transport needs, trailer hires are the way to go.