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2015 Special – Minimum 2 Hours Extra For Free with Every Ute Hire!

  • Pay for 2 hours – Get 4 Hours
  • Pay for 4 hours – Get 9 Hours
  • Pay for 9 hours – Get 15 Hours

We also have the cheapest extra km rate in Sydney – Just 12 cents per extra km.

Call us now on 1300 88 70 44 to book a comfy late model ute with air conditioning.

It only takes 2 minutes to hire and we have over 23 convenient 24/7 pick up & drop off locations in Sydney.

Utility vehicles are among the most popular vehicles that we hire.  At one time or another everyone needs to use a ute but not everyone want to go to the trouble and expense of buying one.  That is where renting comes in!

When moving heavy equipment or large loads, there is nothing better than a ute.  Sturdy and hardworking, these vehicles can take just about whatever you can dish out.  They are among our most popular hires.  If you just need to move one piece of furniture across town, or if you are relocating your entire house full of contents to a new house, Self-Move Hire’s utes are the answer.

Our utes are available for local hires returned to the same location for a nominal fee.  We also hire our utes at discount packages for long distance trips, which include a price for the extra kilometers.  We also offer a Damage Waiver to reduce charges in the event of a collision.  And all of our utes come with guaranteed reliability, which means you get a free replacement in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Also, call us today to find out about our Free Upgrades.  When you hire a van or a ute Monday-Thursday, you get the Free Upgrade Deal.  For example, you pay for 2 hours and go for 4 hours, pay for 9 hours and go for 15 hours, pay for 36 hours and go for 48, etc.  Call Suz or Tess on 1300 826 883 to arrange your hire today.

All of our utes are late model, comfortable and easy to maneuver.  We have tried and tested every make and model of ute out there, and we only use the very best.  Our number one goal is to give you the best experience possible with your ute hire and that starts with giving you an great ute to hire.

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These prices are for local hires returned to the pickup location. For extra kilometres see the discount packages for long distane trips and add as required to the price for a listed period. The Damage waiver is recommended to reduce charges following a collision. 24/7 Hiring most areas.

Ute Tray Sizes : 2.4 m or 2.6m long (Mostly 2.6m)1.8m wide, Cage Sides 1m high. Open top.

Guaranteed reliability – Self Move Hire will provide a free replacement van or ute in the unlikely event of a breakdown

“FREE Upgrades” Hire a Ute or Van on Monday – Thursday and ask for the “free upgrade deal”. EG: Pay for 2 hrs and go for 4hrs; pay for 9hrs and go for 15hrs; pay for 36 hrs and go for 48hrs, etc. Please call Suz or Tess on 1300 826 883 to arrange
Hire with confidence: modern fleet, no hidden fees; good insurance cover for accidents; 12 new vans just added; generous extra km packs; over 70,000 satisfied customers since 1996


(For Urgent Request : Pease phone to discuss, thank you)

These prices are for local hires returned to the pickup location.

For extra kilometres see the discount packages below and add as required to the price for a listed period. The Damage waiver is recommended to reduce charges following a collision.
Additional Information
DISCOUNTS: All discount rates (Weekly Hires and Extra Kilometres) must be paid in advance or casual rates will apply:

  • Fuel tank are to be filled and paid for after all hires.
  • Note many vehicles in our fleet are diesels requiring distillate (diesel) fuel. Use fuel as labelled or phone us if in doubt.
  • Cleaning Fee $40.00 (Note: if vehicle has been driven on unsealed roads or has been left in a dirty state, we reserve the right to charge this fee)
  • Warning: Use only clean fuel from reputable source – vehicles may be damaged by bio fuel mixes.This is especially relevant for new diesel engines.
  • Renaults_300

Free tow bars on automatic vehicles!
$250 for local hires with photo identification.
$500 for holders of interstate licences
$750 Deposit with Credit Card Authorization for Foreign Licences 2012 Ute & Van Prices – Prices since July 09 1300 826 883 PO Box 1006 Toronto NSW 2283

No drivers or Hirer under 23 Years or over 75 years at any time as insurance is non existent

  • Deposit and fees must be paid in advance
  • Purchase a “Toll Pass” for each hire day or part there, or pay toll at time of travel, or the FINE and fees apply.
  • By law the Hirer is responsible for all property damage resulting from hire, not the registered owner.
  • Insurance is provided subject terms and conditions on the Hire contract. All Drivers must be identified on the contract for insurance to apply. No insurance cover for reversing accidents.
  • All accidents must be reported to the owner within 24 hours of incident or as soon as practical.
  • Late returns are charged at $22 per hour (hourly hires) or normal fee plus 50% penalty (Daily Rates) unless arranged in advance.
  • Excess Waiver Fee – reduces the excess from $2500 to the deposit charged. (Age Excess for 23 to 25 yrs remains $1000 extra)
  • The deposit is not refunded when the vehicle is damaged including tyre and window damage, or not returned to site.
  • Only a photo id licence is acceptable, except with Owners permission and other proof of identity and address.
  • The Interstate Deposit applies to Hirers holding interstate licences or travelling interstate.
  • Vehicles must be returned to the point of hire unless prior arrangements have been made to travel “One Way”.
  • All Prices include GST.