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1. Does the hire include insurance.?

ANS: Yes. All vehicles on hire come with our standard insurance cover and are insured with $30M public liability and property damage cover.   Exclusions do apply so it is important the Hirer understands what is covered under this standard insurance cover.

2. What are the main Terms and Conditions to qualify for insurance?

ANS: These include holding a valid licence and passed fit to drive, named on the hire agreement, over 23 years of age and not under the influence of drugs, intoxicated or unfit to drive under law. The vehicle also needs to be returned during the agreed time period. The hire needs to be paid for up front as well, along with any hire extension.  Full terms and conditions can be found here

3. What is the “Excess Waiver Fee”?

ANS: This optional extra benefit results in a higher level of insurance in that the ‘excess’, the amount paid to lodge an insurance claim for an ‘at fault’ accident, is reduced to $1000 from the full replacement cost of the vehicle.  We highly recommend that all Hirer’s take out this premium reduction cover which only costs 20% of the hire.  It represents excellent value for money

4. Why is it optional?

ANS: Many customers have their own insurance that covers rental vehicle excesses. Company Insurance policies, Travel Insurance and credit card payment benefit schemes are examples. This also help customers who are confident and careful drivers to make savings.  However, we recommend that all Hirer’s do take out this insurance excess reduction cover.

5. What is the Excess?

ANS: The Excess is $7000 for most claims.

6. Are Credit card Fees Charged?

ANS: Yes.  Credit Cards must be used for all Security Deposits and for hire payments.  Due to the processing fees charged by Credit Card Merchants we charge a processing fee of 1.5% on Visa and Mastercard payments.

7. Is all Damage covered by insurance and the excess waiver?

ANS: No. Conditional insurance is provided. Some single car, reversing accidents and off road events are not covered by insurance. Examples include damage caused by standing on the roof of the ute cab, drowning a van in water, incorrect fuel usage and failure to maintain correct oil levels in the engine. Normal driving accidents are generally covered.

8. Do I need to pay a Security Deposit or Bond?

ANS:  Yes, all Hires require a $400 Security Bond which is refundable in the event you meet the conditions of the Hire Agreement.  Refund of Security Deposits can take up to 10 days for the refund to appear on your bank statement.  In some instances, we may deduct monies from your Security Bond in the event of late return, Toll charges, Fuel, vehicle damage etc – but this will be communicated to you in advance.

9. Can other people drive the vehicle?

ANS:  Provided they are over 23 and under 75 years of age and NAMED on the Rental Agreement, then Yes, they can.  Insurance cover is only provided to drivers specifically named on the Rental Agreement.

10.  Can I take Photos of the Vehicle?

ANS:  Absolutely Yes.  It is a requirement of the Hire Agreement that you take ‘before’ and ‘after’ hire photos of the vehicle, Fuel gauge and odometer.  This provides peace of mind to both parties in the event, the vehicle has some preexisting or new damage during or prior too your hire period.  We regularly service and repair any minor damage that may occur to a vehicle to ensure you have the very best vehicle possible, but sometimes we miss things, so have your photos on file as proof, can be a great help.

11. Must I return the vehicle fully fueled?

ANS:  Yes, each vehicle should be fueled to maximum at the commencement of the hire.  You must return the vehicle fully fueled at the end of your hire period.  Most of our vehicles are hired from Service Stations, so fueling the vehicle is a really easy task.  Failure to do so will incur a $2.50 per litre fuel charge plus a $33 fee to cover the cost of us refueling the vehicle which you will want to avoid – so don’t forget to fill up!

12.  Must I pay Tolls and Fines myself?

ANS:  It is always cheaper for you to pay any tolls and fines yourself at the time they occur.  Any fines we receive retrospectively have to have a statutory declaration performed so we can notify them of the named driver at the time of the incident and therefore transfer the fine into Hirer’s name.  This process is time consuming and costly, so to avoid further charges being applied to your account, we highly recommend that you pay Tolls in advance or contact the Toll provider on the day of travel.  Parking, Speeding and other traffic violations will be passed on to the Hire’r as soon as they become known to us.

13. What type of Licence do I need to Hire?

ANS:  All our Vans and UTE’s can be driven on a valid car licence. We recognise all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian driver’s licences and current overseas licences, provide the driver is over 23 and under 75 years of age.  Accepted Driver’s licences must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental, and must not be expired. Should the valid driver’s licence be in another language or have no photo.  We may accept a certified translation in English or an International driver’s permit.