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Self Move Hire is a family owned and operated business, bought by Steve Marshall in 1996.  With the support – and sometimes manual labor – of his wife and three sons, Steve took the company from 38 trailers and 2 utes when he acquired the business to more than 80 late model vehicles and 200 trailers today.  The process hasn’t been easy, but it has been an adventure and there is nothing that Steve loves more than helping his customers.


Steve intimately knows every vehicle in his fleet, because not only did he buy them all himself, he also services and drives each one personally.  There is no part of the business that Steve is not involved in.  That means that you get the best possible service from someone who knows every aspect of the business and is genuinely interested in helping you have the best possible customer experience.


A few words from Steve….

Self Move Hire has been a family business all along and our sons have grown up washing utes and wiring trailers. Today they have their own careers but they often help in the business in holiday times. We have always tried to offer the best vehicles at the best price and this has been achieved by investing in new quality equipment, hard work and enjoying what we do in order to keep costs down. The business still has only one full time staff member and four girls in our booking office. Contractors assist with cleaning, maintenance and moving vehicles. Every one helps with interstate relocations when required. Our loyal network of Agents is at the face of the business every day and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Today a trusty Land Rover and trailer are still frequently used as primary tools to pick up and deliver the Utes and 1T vans. 1.3 million Kilometres have been driven in the course of expanding and maintaining the fleet into Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra from our regional bases. We are still enjoying what we do and trust that you appreciate the many fine utes and vans in our large vehicle hire fleets in various cities.

Please let me know should you need assistance or help with any hire. Chances are I will have the vehicle you need and know exactly where you are and what you need to do to have a successful move. Whether it is a trailer, ute or van we will have used it ourselves and know what you can and cannot do with the equipment.

Finally, I mention that a percentage of our profits are pledged to Christians Against Poverty, CAP. This organisation is achieving impressive results helping fellow Australians out from the burden of debt. This is something we can relate too.

Steve Marshall


Self Move Hire