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E30 Locations Across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, ACT and the Central Coast.

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Booking Process – What to Expect When you Call up

1. Please ask for a call back to save on your phone costs. (Telstra provides us with free outgoing calls!)

2. Our helpful staff will quickly assess your needs, your location and the date of your move to determine the most appropriate ute or van for you. They will explain the options and the pricing.

3. When you are ready to make a reservation allow about 10 minutes and have your drivers license handy so we can save details and form the Hire Agreement. You will be sent all the booking details in an email which will provide lots of helpful and relevant information. A text message may also be sent to you.

4. If you have hired before please inform us. Not only will this save time you will qualify for a complimentary item.

5. You can also pay for the hire over the phone with a credit card. In this case a bond is not required and the hire will be locked in. All hires are to be paid in advance for insurance to apply.

6. All credit card details are kept securely in an encrypted vault. When printed the details are automatically shown partially obscured. The card holder’s signature is required at pickup. A letter of authority which we may email to you before hand can be used.

7. Once the hire is paid for we will guarantee the hire with a full money back promise in the unlikely event of a problem occurring that is our fault.

8. On arrival at the Agency ask the consul operator for the vehicle. Your name and / or booking number will assist. The operator will update the booking commencement time and print out two copies of the agreement. Sign one copy and leave it with the operator.

9. At the vehicle check and report discrepancies, if any-

a. Any recent damage to the vehicle or its lights and tyres,

b. Kilometres going Out c. Fuel tank = full

10. At the end of the hire park the vehicle and fill with fuel. Note the fuel type which is shown as petrol or diesel as appropriate. Pay for the fuel before proceeding.

11. When maneuvering at the Service Station take care as there are bollards to protect the pumps and other equipment. Especially with the large vans, use the side mirrors and keep a lookout for these objects especially at night. The new vans have great mirrors and side lights to assist when maneuvering.

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